How-to: Encrypt your Windows 8 machine with TrueCrypt!


TrueCrypt a free and open-source disk encryption tool for Windows, Mac and Linux. In this tutorial I will show you how to set-up TrueCrypt to encrypt your entire hard disk on Windows 8.

Prerequisites for this tutorial

  • A Windows machine (XP, Vista, 7 or 8)
  • TrueCrypt installed


  1. ¬†Start TrueCrypt, go to System -> Encrypt System Partition/Drive…TrueCrypt Tutorial
  2. Make sure ‘Normal’ is checked and hit ‘Next >’.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-02-07
  3. In this tutorial we will encrypt our entire disk so check ‘Encrypt the whole drive’ and hit ‘Next >’.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-02-12
  4. We want to encrypt hidden partitions as well. Check ‘Yes’ and hit ‘Next >’.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-02-22
  5. TrueCrypt starts detecting hidden sectors. This might take a few moments.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-02-29
  6. If Windows 8 is the only operating system installed, check ‘Single-boot’ and hit ‘Next >’.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-02-35
  7. In this screen we will select the encryption algorithm. For most people, the defaults are sufficient enough. Hit ‘Next >’.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-02-39
  8. Enter a password. Remember that you will need this password every time you boot your computer. Hit ‘Next >’.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-02-44
  9. Move your mouse as randomly as possible within the window. The longer, the better. Hit ‘Next >’ to continue.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-02-50
  10. The keys are generated. Hit ‘Next >’.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-03-01
  11. Choose a place to save and burn the rescue disk. This is the only chance to get into your machine if you forget your password.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-03-05
  12. Leave Wipe Mode to the defaults and hit ‘Next >’.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-04-48
  13. Hit ‘Test’.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-04-52
  14. Hit ‘OK’.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-04-57
  15. Hit ‘Yes’ to restart.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-05-01
  16. Enter the password that you’ve entered in step 8 and hit enter.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-05-10
  17. The pretest is now complete. Hit ‘Encrypt’ to start encrypting your machine.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-05-50
  18. Wait for TrueCrypt to encrypt your hard disk.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-06-00
  19. The encryption is complete. Your disk is now encrypted.truecrypt-2013-03-31-16-12-33

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