How to install your own Mumble server on any Linux distribution

Mumble LogoIn this tutorial I will teach you how you can host your own Mumble server on any Linux distribution. Mumble is a low-latency but high-quality voice communication application designed for gamers. This includes game linking, so voice from friendly players comes from the direction of their characters. It also has echo-cancellation.


In order to a Mumble, you’ll need a dedicated or virtual server with Linux and user access. Being root is not required.

  1. Get the latest murmur software from the official website:¬† (As I’m writing this tutorial, the latest version is ‘Static Linux Server: 1.2.3 (STABLE)’.)
  2. Extract the package in the desired directory.
  3. Configure the server by editing the ‘murmur.ini’ file.
  4. Chmod the ‘murmur.x86′ file to allow the owner to execute the file.
  5. Run your new Mumble server by typing ‘./murmur.x86′

That’s it! Your server should now be up and running. In order to stop the server, just run ps U <username> and kill the process id that’s used by murmur.x86.

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