OpenVPN Access Server 1.8.5 now available

OpenVPN logoOpenVPN Access Server 1.8.5 is now available. The biggest change in this release is the support for RHEL/CentOS 6, Ubuntu 12, Debian 6 and OpenSUSE 11 and 12. All releases are supported on both x86 and x64. The new version is available from the OpenVPN website.


Access Server release notes for 1.8.5 (changes made since 1.8.4)

* Fixed cross-site request forgery vulnerability (CSRF) in Admin web interface.  This could potentially be exploited to modify Admin web interface settings if an administrative user visits a maliciously crafted web page while logged into the Admin web interface (Credit: Charlie Eriksen).

* Fixed DNS issue on Mac OS X 10.8 computers where, if DNS was pushed by the Access Server, it would not release upon disconnect on the client side.

* Adjustments to licensing system made to accommodate easier reactivation for environments where alterations to hardware parameters are expected – cloud computing, Amazon EC2, HA clusters, etc.

* Introduced new Debian and openSUSE builds.

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