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How to install VMware Zimbra 8 on Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS)

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In this video tutorial I will show you how to install VMware Zimbra 8 on the latest Ubuntu LTS: Ubuntu 12.04. This is OS is fully supported by Zimbra and therefore highly recommended.




Before starting you’ll need a fresh and fully updated version of Ubuntu 12.04 server (x64), and root access.  You can gain root access by typing ‘sudo su’. After this you can update your machine by typing ‘apt-get update; apt-get upgrade -y; apt-get dist-upgrade -y; reboot’.


Installation process:

Install some necessary packages

# apt-get install libgmp3c2 libperl5.14 sqlite3 sysstat -y


Extract the files and start the installation process, follow the instructions

# tar xvf zcs….etc
# cd zcs…..etc
# ./install.sh


How to upgrade Zimbra 7 to Zimbra 8

In this video tutorial I will show you how to upgrade your current VMware Zimbra 7 environment to Zimbra 8. This works pretty good. However, I cannot guarantee this will work for your setup as well. Make sure to create back-ups starting the upgrade process.


Installing VMware Zimbra 8 on CentOS 6 (video included)

VMware Zimbra 8 is here! In this tutorial I’ll cover a fresh installation of Zimbra 8 on CentOS 6.3. Zimbra is a groupware email server and web client.


This tutorial requires:

  • CentOS 6.3 (download)
  • Zimbra 8.0 OSE (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 edition)
  • A dedicated server or virtual machine
  • Basic Linux knowledge


In my case I will create a virtual machine in VMware Workstation 9. This virtual machine has 2GB of memory and all of my cpu cores available to it.

virtual machine setttings







Start up your machine and hit ‘Install or upgrade an existing system’.

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